Thursday, January 29, 2009


well I was in a wreck this morning...... I'm ok! So stop sing and dancing. it was just a fender bender. This gal in front of me slammed on her breaks because her dog was barfing. I slammed mine, and I couldn't swerve with on coming traffic and a ditch on the other side I brast myself said a word and HAAAAAAA! BOOOOOOM! the airbags went off, and a started crying.... not really. after the "barf dog" gal got my jeep info she left, while I waited for the MHP officer to show up. when he got there he stole my drivers license and my jeep info..... but he did give them back. I went to Piano lessons and didn't do them, But I did make this post. But there is one thing I learned from all this; Don't keep biffing dogs! Just kidding, I learned "When the morning falls on the farthest hill, I wall sing his mane I will praise Him still.


  1. *picks herself up off the floor*
    That is the funniest!! *cackle, snort* It sounds like an intriguing new sport. I should try it next time my brother's dog is in the car.
    P.S. this background is a huge improvement.

  2. well I really don't see the funny side of recking my jeep, unlese you're refering to the barfing dog.

    Yeah I was trying to look diffeant then my other one. and I think I like the colors on this one anyway